Building and Planning


Building Permits
It is necessary to apply for a building permit at least five working days before anticipated starting date, and be prepared to provide, at application time, a description of the work to be done plus a plan or sketch of the buildings indicating changes which will result from the renovations.

We strongly recommend that you contact our office well ahead of time in order to obtain information and avoid any unpleasant surprise, by dropping or dialing 705-364-6511 during opening hours.


Swimming Pools
We wish to remind everyone that the installation of any swimming pool exceeding 9.0m2 (96.8ft2) or which has a potential water depth of 47 cm (18 inches) or more requires a building permit and must be fully enclosed by a fence as prescribed in By-Law no. 583.  Any person contravening this By-Law may be fined as prescribed in the Ontario Building Code; furthermore, in case of accident or prosecution following a drowning, your insurance company may refuse to protect you if you did not comply with municipal or provincial regulations.

The required information, plus a video on good safety practices for pool owners, are available free of charge at the Municipal Office; be sure to obtain all the information before you buy the swimming pool of your dreams, and do not wait till an accident occurs before protecting yourselves adequately.


You want to install a fence?
You can build a fence on your property lines.  We recommend, however, that you build it within your property lines to facilitate maintenance without encroaching your neighbors’ property.  If there is an alley behind your property, make sure you leave an appropriate distance to enable municipal employees to remove snow without damaging your fence.

If your property is located on a street corner, for safety/visibility reasons, the following height restrictions apply:

Sight lines on corner lots
On a corner lot, no obstruction higher than .75m (2’ 5”), excepting a chain link or wire fence, shall be permitted on that part of a lot at street corner composed of a triangle having sides of 6m (19’ 6”) along each street measured from the street corner formed by the lot lines, or from the intersection of the straight line projection of lot lines, when lot lines are connected by curved line.

Know where your property lines are. For a prescribed fee, a municipal employee can give you the approximate location of your lot lines.

You must contact ON1CALL before digging to locate underground services. 
1-800-400-2255 or

You must obtain a building permit to install a fence that is 2m (6 ‘6″) or more in height.

Please do not hesitate to contact the municipal office for further information.





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