Council History

A Mattice citizens’ committee, formed on July 31, 1972, set itself the main goal of installing water and sanitation systems in the village that met provincial standards.  This was necessary in order to remove the ban on construction that had been in place since 1954 by the provincial government.

After several months of research and consultation, they came to the conclusion that the only way to fund these projects was through the formation of a recognized municipal government that could levy property taxes and obtain available grants.

The Corporation of the Townships of Eilber and Devitt was therefore founded on April 18, 1975, by decision of the Ontario Municipal Commission (O.M.B.) following the requests of the citizens of Mattice.  It set the elections for four Councillors and one Reeve on June 2, 1975.  The inaugural meeting was held on July 7, 1975, at the Mattice Recreation Centre.

To assist the Reeve Paul Zorzetto, the appointed Councillors were respectively responsible for the following files:  Adrien Fauchon of Public Works; Jean-Paul Gagnon of Finance; Gaetan Gosselin of the Environment Affairs, Public Relations and Cultural and Tourism Affairs; and Philip Mercure of the Village of Val Côté.

The first by-law was adopted at this meeting, choosing the first municipal Clerk, André Fauchon.  More than forty-one by-laws were adopted during the first term of the Council ending on December 31, 1976 in order to establish the administrative and financial bases of the municipality; hiring employees, remuneration for employees and Council, building regulations, tax rates and temporary bank loans; service of draining and land purchase of the current site of the municipal complex, and formation of municipal committees and commissions.

The first Superintendent of roads was Léopold Brunelle, while Lina Gosselin was the first Secretary.


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