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Here’s a list of our By-Laws.  Click on any one of them to view their content. The By-laws are PDF documents and you will need Acrobat Reader in order to view it.  If you don’t already have Acrobat Reader, you can download it at:

By-Law No. 583 By-Law regulating the installation of privately owned outdoor swimming pools
By-Law no. 679 By-law to regulate signs, billboards and the posting of notices
By-Law no. 725 By-law to appoint Officer for the Mattice – Val Côté Fire Department
By-Law no. 730 By-law to appoint a CAO and Clerk
By-Law no. 736 By-law to appoint a municipal auditor
By-Law no. 745 By-law respecting Off-Road Vehicles
By-Law no. 763 By-law to enter an agreement with the Teen Center for the rental of premises located within the Mattice Sports Complex
By-Law no. 764

By-law for licensing, regulating and governing 

Form – Request for licence – salesperson

By-Law no. 767

By-law to provide for the registration and control of cats and dogs

By-Law no. 768

By-law to adopt a Municipal Policy regulating Logs and Chips Hauling on Municipal Highways

By-Law No. 773

By-law to appoint Kory Hautcoeur as Chief Building Official for the Township

By-Law No. 774

By-Law for the purpose of adopting rules and regulations of the cemeteries

By-Law No. 775

By-Law to classify municipal highways and to establish minimum maintenance standards pertaining to them

By-Law No. 777

By-Law to adopt the “Official Plan of the Hearst Planning Area”, including “Part A – The Mattice Secondary Plan”

By-Law no. 785

By-Law to appoint a Treasurer

By-Law no. 786

By-Law to appoint a Building Inspector

By-Law no. 792

By-Law to enter into a Municipal Forest Fire Management Agreement

By-Law no. 800 By-Law to appoint a Committee of Adjustement
By-Law no. 801 By-Law to adopt the 2018-2023 Accessibility Plan
By-Law no. 802 By-Law to establish the 2018 Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee
By-Law no. 803 to appoint the Chief of the Mattice – Val Côté Fire Department
By-Law no. 804 to authorize the execution of a Lease Agreement with Conseil Scolaire Catholique de Distrct des Grandes Rivières for the Library
By-Law no. 805 to authorize the execution of Lease Agreement with respect to the Sports Complex Snack Bar Concession
By-Law no. 806 By-law to revise the Emergency Response Plan
By-Law no. 807 By-law to appoint the members of the Mattice – Val Côté Public Library Board
By-Law no. 824 By-Law to amend By-Law no. 545, the Zoning By-Law
By-Law no. 856 By-Law to establish water rates for 2020
By-Law no. 857 By-Law to establish tax ratios for 2020
By-Law no. 858 By-Law to provide for the adoption of tax rates and to further provide for penalty and interest in default of payment thereof for 2020
By-Law no. 859 By-Law to establish sewer rates for Val Côté
By-Law no. 863 By-Law to control open air burning within the Municipal Boundaries
By-Law no. 866 By-Law to regulate the operation, control and future expansion of the municipal waste disposal site

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