The Municipality wishes to advise you of the following changes (in place or upcoming):


  1. COMMUNITY BULLETIN:  we have not published or distributed a community bulletin since the beginning of the pandemic.  We do NOT intend to resume its publication at a later date.  Municipal information will be made available to you via our website at and/or by accessing our facebook page Municipalité de/Municipality of Mattice – Val Côté. 
  1. LANDFILL SITE:  with the adoption of By-law no. 866, please note that the landfill site hours of operation have changed (Thursdays and Saturdays only, throughout the year), that landfill disposal fees have increased (especially where demolitions are concerned) and that fines and charges have been added (ex. for scavenging).
  1. GARBAGE COLLECTIONwhenever possible, garbage collection duties will be performed by full-time regular municipal employees.  This means that during winter storms / important snow accumulations, it is possible that the garbage collection will take place later during the day – it could also be pushed back to the following workday.
  1. SIDEWALKS:  we have put an end to existing sidewalk snow removal services.  The only sidewalk that will be cleared of snow will be the one that runs along Highway 11 in Mattice (from the river bridge to the municipal complex).
  1. SNOW REMOVAL:  By-law no. 261 which pertains to snow removal, is currently under review.  The most important features of this by-law will remain in place: citizens CANNOT transfer snow across a street or laneway; they CANNOT deposit snow on municipal roadways; they CANNOT build snowbanks that obstruct traffic (visibility, etc.)  If the Municipality must remove snow deposited in contravention of the above, you will be responsible for the operational costs incurred.  Each contravention makes you liable to a fine that is currently set at ONE HUNDRED ($100$) DOLLARS.

 November 10th, 2020                                                                                              

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